Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Stay

Life in Ismailkhanpet(Eshwarapuram) was very happy,cool,fantastic......bit Nostalgic at this moment :).
I spent my life in the village around 23 yrs and lived a happy life but I use to have always few things running throughout in my mind which are ............

1 .   ZPHS (Zilla parishat high school)

 This is a govt. school in our village in a small area located behind my house. This is the place where I along with my friends always use to go and play cricket and other games so that’s how I came to know much about it but I didn’t realize that the school have no proper bathrooms for the students and staff for so many years, bunch of students come to this school every day from all around the places adjacent to the village.

              Also the school has no ground to play but they have little free space behind the school (this area is used for both bathroom and playground). I feel very bad and shame on this issue but I don’t know why this management doesn’t look into it seriously

                These are the two major issues that the school should get rid off.

2.   BUS Facility

In the above issue I mentioned the problems facing by the students of ZPHS School now we going to see the problems been facing by the students who are going to other schools outside the village (people like Myself)

       There are lot of students (kindergarten to PG) who are travelling from ismailkhanpet to sangareddy everyday but they don’t have proper BUS facility in the mornings due to this students facing more and more troubles early morning especially during the exams time, the people who can afford money for auto’s they can go but what about the students who cannot afford?
         APSRTC  ran buses in the mornings to solve this problem for only few months in the past but due to some conflicts between bus and auto people they cancelled it and then the problem again started. This was the problem unresolved from many years but no one came up with a solution …….

          I just can’t do anything but can raise the issue and just hope for a solution 

If any one wants to raise any issue please mail me @   with your details and a brief explanation, thank you

NOTE: These are the problems used to have until few years back but not sure of the current situation (hope things changed & got better :) )

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